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Future of Mystic Mountain Bike Park looking brighter

MYSTIC Mountain Bike Park is heading into the warmer months with a positive outlook and clearer future.

Not-for-profit community group Alpine Community Plantation (ACP) operates Mystic Park.

In July ACP released a public statement indicating that the park is at risk of closing due to a range of factors, spotlighting a need for a rapid change in how the park is operated.

ACP Executive Officer Kirsten Seeto said a number of essential changes, including a pay-to-play membership model will launch on Monday, 10 October.

“The bike membership will have three levels, including an annual membership for $95 and a two-week membership for $55.

“There will also be a single day Pedal-In membership for $15, or $25 for a single day membership for riders using a commercial shuttle.

“An annual Family Membership will also be available for $150, covering one adult and up to four kids under 15 years old. An extra adult can be added to this membership for a further $45. For our younger individual riders, we also have a discounted Youth Membership for $65 a year”

“Members will need to register and sign a waiver.

“We believe these prices strike the balance between affordability and creating a sustainable future for this incredible asset.

“We know how much our riders - both local and visiting - love Mystic Park, and no one wants to see the park closed.

“The most important thing now is for everyone who rides Mystic Park to sign up for a membership and help ensure the park can operate well into the future.”

From Monday, October 24 anyone accessing Mystic Park without a membership will be accessing private land in breach of ACP permission and placing the ongoing future of the park at risk.

Alpine Shire Mayor Sarah Nicholas said Council has thrown its support behind the future of the park, providing a project officer to investigate a sustainable future for Mystic Park and mountain biking in the Alpine Shire in general.

“Mystic Park has grown further and faster than ACP’s original remit, and it's popularity continues to increase with riders from across the country,” she said.

“This is both an opportunity and a challenge. The park’s popularity means that a new operational approach is needed to ensure long term viability and safety.

“The original model of operation - which provides free access to the park for riders - is no longer a feasible way to operate the park.

”You may ask what funds raised will be spent on.

“Funds raised will go back into the park to enable it to remain operational, for trail maintenance, improvements to safety and potentially trail development in the future.”

The new pay-to- play model is the first step that will allow the park to continue to operate through this summer.

The model provides a more sustainable approach where riders can contribute to the upkeep and future of the iconic park.

Private bike shuttling will be paused from Monday, 24 October to limit the number of vehicles in the park and maximise safety for all users. Commercial Shuttle operator, Blue Dirt, will be extending their days of operation to 7 days per week to enable alternative shuttle options.

Alternative options are being explored while the new operating model is being rolled out.

Ms Seeto said ACP understands that this pause may disappoint some riders.

“We’re committed to working with community groups in the future to address local needs and support our community to be active,” she said.

“In the meantime, we ask our riders to respect the constraints in place at the moment and help us secure a sustainable future for Mystic Park.”


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