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We want you to take advantage of the plantation being on your doorstep; whether that’s walking the dog, going for a bike ride or making it the home of your next event.


BUT, we want you to be safe – we want you to know when we’re planting, fertilising, harvesting, hauling and when there’s a fire danger and to do this we issue ACCESS PASSES for individual users and EVENT PERMITS for organised or group activities.


This system means that we can tell the foresters where the bike riders are, the bike riders where the hang gliders are, and the hang gliders where the trail runners are … it’s the way we make sure everyone knows what’s going on and how we ensure everyone can share this busy space.

Mountain Biking


Mystic Park is a community-run mountain bike park within a private plantation with over 80 km of world-class trails descending from 800m.  From cross country to elite downhill and gravity flow in between, Mystic caters to riders of all styles and abilities.

Just a few minutes ride from the centre of Bright, Mystic Park is a community initiative with trails built and maintained by the Alpine Cycling Club in conjunction with Alpine Community Plantation that manages the park with permission from the plantation owners, HVP Plantations.

Paragliding & Hang Gliding


Located in beautiful Bright and managed by the North East Victoria Hang Gliding Club, Mystic is arguably one of Australia’s best flying sites.

Pilots using the Mystic launch site must be members of North East Victoria Hang Gliding Club.


Not a pilot? But want to enjoy the thrill of flight?  Tandem flights can be taken with local operators - check the NEVHGC website for details.

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