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Mystic Park has become one of the most popular mountain biking destinations in Australia. 

Hand built by the local community - for the community - the park consists of over 50km of trails to suit all abilities from those new to the sport, through to expert riders.

The park has also held the National Championships and includes the World Cup Downhill and Mystic Downhill Trails and features trails that are considered by some to be the most unique and exciting in Australia. 


Mystic Park attracts around 58,000 visitors to the Alpine Shire each year, contributing approximately $27.1 million to the local economy, 227 local jobs and an economic output of $66.1 million. 


Mountain biking is now one of the fastest growing recreational activities globally, with Australia recording an increase in participation by more than 60% in the last five years.

Victoria’s High Country has been identified as a high priority in being able to address critical gaps and cater for the growing demand for mountain biking.  Bright has also been highlighted as one of the top 3 mountain bike destinations or family mountain bike holidays in Victoria 

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