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I have been inducted by HVP - can I use this on Alpine Community Plantation managed land?

If your HVP Plantations induction was for conducting forestry activity this remains with HVP, if you have any questions regarding your induction please contact the HVP Myrtleford office on 03 5731 2000. If you received your HVP Plantations induction in order to access the plantation for recreational activities like bike riding or mushroom foraging this induction has been transferred to an Alpine Community Plantation and you don’t need to do anything more.

Can I hold an event in the plantation?

Yes. Whether you are organising a public or a private event, if it occurs within the plantation you need to get an EVENT PERMIT. Further information about holding an event within the plantation can be found on the EVENTS & ACTIVITIES page.

Can I build a new MTB track?

New track construction is by prior approval only. We work closely with Alpine Cycling Club to ensure that any new track construction fits within the existing and planned network plan and meets IMBA standards. If you’d like to propose a new track please shoot us an email via the CONTACT US page.

Who owns the land?

The HVP Plantations estate within the Alpine Shire is vested under license to HVP Plantations. The Victorian Plantation Corporation Act (1993) is the legal framework pertaining to HVP Plantations licensed land. This act stipulates that HVP has the same rights and remedies in relation to the entry of persons on to vested land as it would have if it were the owner of that land. HVP Plantations have a license agreement with Alpine Community Plantations Inc. for the management of all recreational activity on all HVP Plantations land within the Alpine Shire.

What should I do when I get to a Work Zone within the plantation?

Work zones are constructed to ensure that forestry operations take place in a contained environment and ensure the safety of the work crew and recreational users. When you approach a work site please observe all signs and the instruction of the crew, it is never safe to cross into a work zone even if you cannot see work taking place.

I can't see anything happening - why are some areas closed?

There are activities and operations happening every day in the plantation. Some times these activities are highly visible like harvesting and log haulage and easily avoided but other operations are not as visible, these include; site preparation, sampling, thinning, road maintenance and fertilising. Areas where these activities are happening are closed to ensure the safety of both the work crew and recreational users. Please observe all signs and remember it is never safe to cross a work zone.

When can I find out when an area will be harvested?

Notifications of harvesting operations conducted within the Alpine Shire are posted on HVP’s website and the Alpine Community Plantation website. A link to the HVP website can be found in the footer of this website under 'Useful Links'

What happens during fire season?

At times of extreme fire danger the plantation is closed to all forestry and recreational activities. Forest closures are advised via the Alpine Community Plantation website and our Facebook Page. During fire season please check these sites before entering the plantation.

Who do I contact if I want to report a dangerous activity?

In the case of an emergency call 000. If it is not an emergency please use our CONTACT US page.

Who do I contact if I want to make a maintenance request?

Please use the CONTACT US page for any maintenance requests.

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