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Forest Operations @ Robinsons Road - Trail & Road Closures

This week HVP Plantations will be commencing a harvest road line operation within Mystic MTB & Flight Park. This operation will see the removal of some trees along the road edge in preparation for roading works that will ensure that the roads are ready for future haulage operations and safe for recreational users.

This a two stage operation; stage one will occur along Robinsons Road, stage two will occur along Moran Road – the time for each operations is expected to be less than a week.

To support the Robinsons Road operation (stage one) the following trail closures will be in place; Flat Strap, Grevids Way, Caro’s Track, Fly by Night, Lars Link, Shady Lane, Gorilla Warfare, Rhys’s Pieces, Tree Hugger. Four Deers, Deer Stalker and Mystic DH. In addition the following road closures will be in place; Robinsons Road at Mystic Lane and Browns Road at Mystic DH crossing.

Trail and Road closures are an essential element in ensuring a safe environment for both contractors and recreational users. Following the instructions on the signs, the directions of the operator and staying outside the work zone at all times helps the operator to complete the job as quickly and safely as possible and as a result minimises the time that trails and access roads are closed.

Once the operation is complete HVP Plantations will inspect the area to ensure that it is safe for public access.


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