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UPDATE - Mystic Park & Alpine Events Park Project

On behalf of both Alpine Shire Council and Alpine Community Plantation (ACP) I would like to provide a brief update on some of the key developments in relation to the operation of Mystic Park and the Alpine Events Park project. We are also facilitating a community drop-in session on 24 May if you would like further information or have any questions.


Prompted in part by community feedback received at the information session in May 2017, Council is planning to utilise the Dougherty’s Bridge underpass as the formal Coronation Avenue crossing point for mountain bikes. To facilitate this change, a new section of mountain bike trail will be developed linking the Hero Trail to the Dougherty’s Bridge underpass, running alongside White Star Road for the final section. We anticipate that this change will result in a reduction in the number of mountain bike riders on Mystic Lane.

Last week the proposed change received formal agreement from the Federal Government, who has provided funding to the project. We are currently finalising other key approvals with the expectation that trail construction and underpass upgrade works will commence in Spring.


ACP is preparing a Planning Permit application that will cover the scope of current and future planned development and operational activities in Mystic Park. The upcoming drop-in session will provide an opportunity for members of the public to ask questions about the process and the proposed scope of this application, and to provide feedback to the team to be considered as the application is being prepared.

There will be an opportunity for all members of the public to formally comment on the Planning Permit application during the public notification period.


Recognising that vehicular traffic in Mystic Park has increased since the Hero Trail became operational, ACP has implemented the following measures to both monitor and manage the behaviour of drivers in the Park:

  • A speed limit of 40kmh has been implemented in Mystic Park, and signage within the park has been improved;

  • Victoria Police monitors driver behaviour on Mystic Lane and carries out enforcement action as necessary;

  • Traffic counts are being taken through busy periods in order to ensure we have accurate data on usage of the park;

  • An arrangement has been put in place for shuttles services to be available on the mountain to reduce the number of private vehicles on the road;

  • During recent busy holiday periods, ACP has engaged qualified personnel to educate drivers in the park regarding their expected behaviour and on occasions limiting the number of vehicles which are permitted to enter. During these periods, the Bakers Gully access into the park has been closed.

Social media has been used as a very effective tool to spread the message regarding the expected behaviour of park users. The Mystic Park Facebook page as an example has over 2,000 followers, up 480% over the last 12 months.


ACP is exploring different options to enable it to improve the management of risk in the park, to continue developing the mountain bike park into the future and improve the experience for both locals and visitors. Options being considered include a registration system and an entry fee for park users. At this stage there are no firm plans, and user groups will be actively engaged to seek their input into the process of establishing an appropriate model that would support the sustainable operation and development of the park.


The Alpine Events Park project is progressing well, and on target for completion mid-2019. The focus at the moment is on the redevelopment of the pavilion, which is shaping up nicely with the lower level change rooms already in operation, and the pavilion roof nearing completion. In Spring, the focus will shift towards the ‘Rotary Pines’ area, with a multi-user space being created, additional trails and a mountain bike pump track being implemented.

Following completion of the Alpine Events Park project, outdoor events held in Pioneer Park will continue to be subject to Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria noise legislation. Where outdoor musical entertainment is conducted, EPA’s noise legislation limits the number of events to be held per year, the duration of these events, and the effective noise level that is allowable during the event. Council works closely with the event organisers to ensure that they understand and meet their obligations with respect to noise, however remains receptive to feedback from the community and will take appropriate action against event organisers where necessary.


We would like to invite you to a community drop-in session to provide you with an opportunity to ask questions regarding the operation of Mystic Park, or the broader Alpine Events Park project being delivered in Pioneer Park.

No formal presentation is planned, however representatives from the following organisations will be available at the drop-in session to respond to your specific questions and queries:

  • The plantation owner and manager (HVP);

  • The Mystic Park land manager (Alpine Community Plantation);

  • Alpine Cycling Club;

  • North East Victoria Hang Gliding Club;

  • Alpine Shire Council.

The details of this drop-in session are as follows:

Date: 24 May 2018 Venue: Council Chambers, Alpine Shire Council Offices, Bright

Please feel free to drop-in for a chat any time between 4pm and 6pm.

We welcome additional feedback ahead of the drop-in session, either by email (, or by telephone (0466 345 736).

Outside of this drop-in session, residents are also welcome to contact Council with queries or suggestions at any time.

Yours faithfully,

Will Jeremy Director Assets, Alpine Shire Council


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