Alpine Community Plantation welcomes Blue Dirt to Mystic Mountain Bike Park Bright for the 2014/15 season.

Blue Dirt, a unique mountain biking company that specialises in helping riders reach and ride the ultimate trails has announced a series of dedicated shuttle assisted ride days of Mystic Mountain Bike Park, Bright as part of the their upcoming 2014/15 season. Blue Dirt have been showing riders what North East Victoria has to offer with tours to Mt Beauty, Falls Creek and Mt Buller over the last two summers. This summer this will see Mystic Mountain Bike Park added to the list, cementing Bright as one of the must-ride destinations of North East Victoria.

Blue Dirt will kick the season off with their first tour on 22 November with another five planned before the end of May.

Blue Dirt’s Aaron Kopanica says that, ‘we’ve been bringing riders to the region for a few years now and riding Mystic in Bright has always been on our wish list, we see it as a really good way of showing riders what Bright has to offer.

Andrew Miller, Mountain Bike Coordinator at Alpine Cycling Club echoes these thoughts, ‘we always knew that we had something special at Mystic, over the years the local community has built over 30km of single track and we’re looking forward to being able to show off our own backyard’.

Alpine Community Plantation manager, Georgina Curtis has said that working with the team with Blue Dirt is an exciting step in the development of Mystic Mountain Bike Park Bright. Mystic Mountain Bike Park Bright is our priority project and we see this as a real chance to showcase how commercial forestry, community built infrastructure and commercial operators can work side by side. Having a company like Blue Dirt who share the vision for the Alpine Community Plantation and are willing to host regular ride weekends is a great start and we hope just the first of many projects we deliver with Blue Dirt.

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